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A Letter From Dr. Moulds


Greetings, everyone;

First, I’d like to thank you for trusting your vision care needs to Pinnacle Vision Care. Second, I want to thank you for your patience with the rescheduling issues we’ve all had to navigate over the last month. Unfortunately, I am dealing with an ongoing medical condition that came on rather suddenly.

While I’m healing well from surgery, I will need to continue medical treatments over the next several months. Drs. Courtney Beaumont and Julia King have joined the practice and done an incredible job stepping in to help, and I’m so happy to welcome them to the Pinnacle family. You are in excellent hands with both of these incredible colleagues.

I have returned to the clinic on a limited basis and will work alongside them to care for you and your family. Initially, this will be a slower process, but I expect to return full-time quickly.


I deeply appreciate your thoughts and prayers for me and my family during this time. God continues to bless Pinnacle Vision Care, and we know that, ultimately, He is in control.

Thank you for continuing to support us. I look forward to seeing you soon.


Dr. Valerie Moulds

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