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Small Child with Large Glasses

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is similar to physical therapy in that it works with the external and internal muscle systems of the eye, using the brain's feedback to see an image clearly and comfortably. The eyes are an extension of the brain. Our eyes help make “seeing” possible, but vision is reliant on the eye-brain connection. If the muscle systems of the eye aren't working properly, vision will be difficult or non-existent.

Vision therapy treatment is used to correct common visual disorders in addition to improving visual skills, such as focus and depth perception. These treatments can improve the brain's ability to better communicate with the eyes. Vision Therapy may be used when glasses, contact lenses or surgery alone do not solve the problem.

Our team of professionals at Pinnacle Vision Care are here for you!

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Vision Problems

Every patient is different, but vision therapy is most commonly a treatment option for amblyopia (“lazy eye”), strabismus (“crossed eyes”), and binocular vision problems with eye alignment.

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Eye Disorders & Cerebral Injuries

We treat eye movement disorders, focusing disorders, and other visual deficiencies related to eye strain or fatigue. Vision therapy can address problems derived from stroke or brain injury, too.

Portrait of a Boy with Glasses

We Treat Patients of All Ages

These treatments can be beneficial to patients of all ages, like physical therapy, only for the eyes. 

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