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Myopia in Children

Myopia, which is better known as nearsightedness, is an eye disease that causes difficulty seeing long-distance.  In myopic eyes, the eyeball is either longer than normal, or the cornea is too curved, both causing some images to be blurry. Myopia can be hereditary, if one or both parents are nearsighted there is an increased risk your child will be nearsighted. Other risk factors, such as environmental risks which include time spent doing close work on the computer, reading, increased screen time, and not spending enough time outdoors all play a role in the development of myopia. Myopia usually develops in childhood. In children, vision problems can be subtle. Be observant as to whether your child sits too close to the television, has frequent headaches, squints to read, and rubs their eyes. Changes in school or athletic performance, or withdrawing from those activities, could all indicate a change in your child's vision. 

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